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In July 2019, a very hot summer, our very friendly Pakistani customer Mr. Muhammad faisalcame to our factory to inspect and also to check and accept several equipments he ordered. Pakistani customers ordered three fast speed wire-cutting machines DK7732, the machine's The operating system is HL. Because we have a very good relationship with this old customer, we send a digital display device to each machine based on the original configuration of the machine. In addition, in terms of machine wearing parts, we give this customer  three freemainboard for future customer replacement and use .

In our company conference rooms, we learned that many customers in Pakistan need our equipment, they need our Chinese companies to help, and in the future technical training and machine maintenance gave a good cooperation program.

The customer also entered our production workshop, carefully watched our production and processing equipment, consulted many questions, and practiced how to assemble the machine. The machine he ordered had a thumbs up for its quality after his inspection. He took many precious videos and sent them to his domestic partners. I hope they will participate in such a big project together,work together and strong both .

After the company meeting and workshop inspection, our company invited customers to a famous local restaurant. The special dishes were praised by customers. He hoped to remember the taste of Nantong. Share him with his friends. After that, we arranged for our customers to visit the famous local attraction “Wolf Mountain”. We took more photos for our Pakistani brothers as a commemoration.

Its a very nice day .hope he will soon back to us again.











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