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Last month comes a special customer visiting in our factory , he is Alexander comes from Russia.

He has ordered our VMC850 cnc machining center before he coming. In our communication we communicated very well , he liked our machines and we sent him many photos and video , after that order placed.

That day he came , my boss and my another colleague picked him from our city international airport , then we took him to our factory to go to production depart to see his machine. On the site , he highly speaked about our workers professional and our clean production line . We asked our workers to get through the machine to the electricity to show him working, he ordered is Fanuc system, he also operated by himself and asked several specific questions we all made the answer.

Besides ,we showed him our processing big machines, like big cnc gantry milling machine, cnc gantry grinding machine which we imported from Taiwan last year to ensure that we can make out very high quality machines to our customers. Alexander talked happily with our boss , they communicated details about our machine and our factory , we could see that Alexander himself is very satisfied with us.

In the evening we had dinner together , we showed him our local delicious food and the guest eaten very happily. Alexander told us that he welcome us to go to Russia have a look , he wanted to be our machines agent there , which we can cooperate alot in the near future. 













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